Hairy Hunk Yuri

Because you asked for him……
(and maybe because there wasn’t much of a choice – lol)
I bring you hairy hottie Yuri from BangBangBoys web
I have quite a number of pics of him, but since I most likely
will be taking a day off of the blog, maybe using the ole
“right-click and save” routine will keep you
As usual, its the g-rated first:

Sure, Yuri has a great smile and nice body.
Butt here’s a thought before I continue on with these g-rated pics……

Why do “porn” studios spend so much time and money on g-rated
photos of hot guys when guys like me (and you if you were honest)
really want to see the model totally naked and “standing at attention”??

Oh well, back to more of g-rated Yuri:

OK. Time for what you really want:

You know what time it is?
Thats right. Its time for a man-ass break!
Even though I like everything I’ve seen of Yuri so far,
I personally think the best part of him is his meaty man-butt:

Do you see what I mean?
I’m getting hard just thinking of pounding it!

And as a special little treat, I found some pics of
Yuri plugging his man-ass with a dildo:

As I usually say, back to Yuri’s

I found these pretty hot pics as well:

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