Back to the K’s with Kobe Cash

So far no-one has complained about me going back to the
“Hot Amateur Guys” project, so here’s yet another one.
This time its not your fault for not asking for the next model,
Kobe Cash
Anyway, here’s Kobe (g-rated first)

Now THAT pic got MY attention!!!

What’s that?
Did you say he looks great, but what about the rest of him??

I’d give just about anything for Kobe to be looking like
that at ME! Oh well, guess I can always dream……..

Time for some pics of his hot man-ass:

Even a bottom like me would LOVE to top that!!

Errr… back to some more pics:

Not bad! Back to Kobe’s front:
I’d be HARD pressed to say what I like about Kobe most……..

Hmmmm…. that might be it!!! lol

Couple pics of Kobe using the FleshLight:

As a boner, here’s a couple of Kobe and a lucky fellow:

So what do you think?
Is Kobe Cash a


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