Apor from BelAmi

I bet you are wondering who this guy is.
He goes by the name of Apor from BelAmi.
Don’t bother googling him, because I came up with nothing.
So decided to try my hand at freeze-framing the video,
taking snap-shots of it, while of course jerking my man-meat.
Guess I can multi-task,
Anyway, here are the results.
I think you might like this guy as much as I do.
(talk about a long-winded
introduction, huh?)
G-rated pics first of course:

See? I wasn’t making up his name! lol
And this is where I, rightly or wrongly, was glad
that Apor bats on our side:

For you strange feet lovers:

See? Guys CAN look good with
The interviewer “lets” Apor keep his glasses on:

And this is where you can figure out that it ain’t just
the dude’s hot tanned-all-over body that attracted me:

Is it love??
Well, it sure IS lust !!!

I wish this hunk would tan naked near me!
Oh well, here’s a few man-ass pics:

Back to Apor’s front:

Don’t know about you, but I’m loving that

Apor without his glasses:

The big finish:

I would think that Apor has a future with



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